the grail

from by Roman Only

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this scene
the only thing that really gets me frisky
a big stage on a big screen
this dream
career choice kinda risky
pinch me
but i will never wake
it's me
until i hit a stage and a crowd
and kill a mic hyped tighter than is really allowed
kickin' it loud like an airplane hittin' the ground
i turn immortal like i changed my name to connor mcleod
my blood and sweat (tears)
ain't gave up yet (years)
i serve up sets (here's)
my only regret
that i did not get started quicker
from a lack of support
but then it figures when you're rockin'
you're a few friends short
but if you got it then you got it
don't consider the haters
you got a talent then you flaunt it
and you're rockin' it later
if you're a waiter you will wait
until you're dying in bed
and you'll debate you coulda made it
but it's too late dead

this is my body
this is my blood
this is my life
and this is my love
this is my heart
and this is my soul
this is my dream
and i'll never let go

like an obsession
loving every inch of the stage
like a possession of my soul
by demons out of their cage
my veins race when a page
comes together in ways
that makes slaves of emotion
in an ocean of waves
it's a drug and i'm so high
i'm stuck with it, oh my
because of this covenant
i have summoned a whole life
of touching every soul
that sees me holding my own mic
i hope that you know why
i know i can show my
commitment to spittin' shit
that will get you to listen
this is the ultimate mission
now let me make the incision
i will bleed all of my pain onto a record
and why
so you will know that roman only
knows he never will die
'cause in the eye of the beholder
or the ear of the fan
there lies a perfect piece of beauty
only they understand
and when you hear it
then you truly feel like you comprehend
your life is what you invent
and you will never give in

life was never what they told you to do
to see the light you gotta fight
for what you know to be true
you gotta show people you
the you that really believes
he can do anything he wants
and he proceeds to achieve
he only breathes what he does
only seeks what he loves
only needs to be free
so that he can be what he must
which is an addict enthusiast
of a passionate work
his symptomatic influence
is being passed to the earth
but that's the half of it
first you gotta give it some faith
a little time, a little effort
and a long ass wait
and it seems like you could break
but don't turn back in regret
just take more than you can take
develop what you possess
and when you know it then you know it
show it off when you can
and tell the prophets and the poets
you're the best that has been
and don't get off it
'til your coffin's dropping into the sand
and we'll be like "damn
the world is in the palm of your hand"

this is my body
this is my blood
this is my life
and this is my love
this is my heart
and this is my soul
this is my dream
and i'll never let go

i'm never going to give in to defeat
without my dreams i'm never truly complete
i know that i have what it takes to succeed
and there is nothing that i cannot achieve


from Self Titled, released January 1, 2011
All credits: Roman Only



all rights reserved


Roman Only Denver, Colorado

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